6 things that happen to your body when you don’t have sex for a while

According to 2016 research, millennials are having less sex than any generation since the 1920s. This is a bad thing for a few reasons: 1. Sex is fun, and you should be having as much of it as you can; and 2. They’re all missing out on the many well-documented health benefits of having sex […]

These Are The Most Hilarious Mannequins Ever Found

Mannequins are arguably creepy. They’re supposed to resemble human beings and serve as a “model” for apparels. Still, they freak us out because they resemble us in an inanimate manner. But there also mannequins that remove the word “creepy” and replace it with “funny.” Seriously, if you’d walk into a mall and see these mannequins, […]

Teen Posts Bikini Pic, Grossed Out ‘Friends’ Disgusted By What It Shows

Standing in her bedroom in front of a full-body mirror, Sara Petty snapped a few pictures of herself in a bikini. Loving her sexy look, she decided to share the selfies with her friends on Twitter. Almost instantly, that little move backfired, when disgusted viewers pointed out what was in the picture. The college co-ed […]

9 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Wives

Although every man likes something different, there are some characteristics that are shared preferences when it comes to finding the ideal life partner. These nine zodiac signs encompass these features, making them the best wives. Here’s why: 1. Cancer Not only are the women of this zodiac sign excellent lovers, but also they have the […]

What Conjoined Twins Abby And Brittany Hensel Look Like Today

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were to be permanently attached to my sister I would undoubtedly lead a miserable existence. It’s not that I don’t love my sister, I do. But having to rely on her to accomplish basic tasks on a daily basis is quite a frightening thought. In my […]

16 Funny Images Of Jealous People Caught On Camera At The Wrong Moment.

A camera can catch the moments that our eyes neglect to see. It can catch bliss, trouble, satisfaction and even desire. You may not see the response of desirous person around you however a camera always remembers to catch such moment which is enough to embarrced you. A few of us are great performing artists […]

Autistic boy fails his school exams – teacher sends him home with powerful letter that goes viral

Raising a child with learning difficulties isn’t any less rewarding than raising one without them, but it can be said that it’s a great deal tougher. Whilst parents of children without learning difficulties undoubtedly fret over all the usual things a mother or father does, those parents whose children are born with conditions such as […]

This Woman Took The Same Photo Every Day For A Year And The Last Picture Is Extremely Powerful

By sharing photos of one woman’s face over the course of a year, this video conveys a powerful message that needs to be shared. “One photo a day in the worst year of my life” was created by the Croatian government in response to a danger that many women across the globe live with every […]