12 Things Couples Do After Having Been Married For A Long Time

Couples are a weird species of their own. They have their own language, a set of traditions that are exclusively theirs and a universe in which they revel in each other’s comforting presence. Once couples get comfortable with each other, they start doing things that would freak anyone out, if they got to witness it. In fact, there are a host of gross things couples do, that they would never admit to, but are always guilty of.

When you are in a new relationship, you are anxious to present your best version to your partner. However, once you get comfortable with each other, you begin to open up and be more relaxed in each other’s company and engage in some unnaturally gross things that single people would not understand for the life of them. We spoke to a number of couples who have managed to stick with each other over time, and came up with a list of gross things that all couples seem to do all the damn time.

1. Using Bathroom Together

You know you have reached peak comfort level when you start brushing and doing your business in front of each other in the bathroom. There are no doors and no boundaries for couples who have been in a relationship for quite some time. They don’t have shame, embarrassment or anything of the sort and are totally comfortable going about their morning routines together with each other in the bathroom. Even though this might sound gross, it actually goes to show how much at ease a couple is in each other’s company, and of course, it saves a ton of time.

2. Pimple Popping

Honestly, though, it couldn’t get grosser than this. Popping pimples and zits is regular recreation activity that long-term couples engage in, surprisingly often. To be honest, I understand the satisfaction one gets from popping one’s own pimples and watching gross things ooze out from your body and marveling at the wonderful secrets you didn’t know your body was hiding from you. But what joy couples get from doing this to each other is a little hard to understand. It is nonetheless, one of the list toppers of gross things that couples do.

3. Sniffing Each Other

Couples who have been together for approximately forever don’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves in public because they have each other to check for odd smells that they might be exuding. Before going out, after getting up from bed, before an important meeting, or any random time of the day, you might (or might not) catch couples getting a sniff of each other to check whether they are presentable. Even though this is gross AF, couples love it, because love is weird and for them, even the stinky boos are still their boos.

4. Burping In Front Of Each Other

Couple’s land is essentially the land of shamelessness, where even burping in front of each other in the most uncouth manner is considered super normal. Even if particles from last night’s Chinese takeout come out of the mouth, their partner’s are likely to tolerate it with a pinch of salt and unflinching love for their gross, but adorable lover. It is truly a talent to be able to reach that kind of peak comfort level with another human being.

5. Super Casual Period Talk

Even though periods themselves are the most natural thing ever, talking about them is a whole different ball game. In fact, I don’t think I know of a single person who has a pleasant period anecdote to share. The description can get pretty graphic, but if you are in a long-term relationship, your partner is totally used to it. No matter how horrifying your periods are, discussing the flow, texture, symptoms, craving, cramps, etc. is totally normal with them.

6. Passing Wind To Each Other

Farting is also a natural bodily process that people generally tend to be ashamed of doing in public. This is why they are as discreet as possible. Even during the first 18 months of your relationship, you pretend like you have never farted in your life, because you are beautiful and you are not capable of such things. However, one night of spicy Indian food later, you can’t really help it, after which it becomes a totally normal thing in front of each other. Even though you are embarrassed at first, passing wind is funnier than a lot of other things in life. Weird, but true.

7. Kissing With Morning Breath

Morning breath takes some getting used to, if you or your partner have the misfortune of getting it. However, for those who have been together for literally forever, it is just another endearing thing about their partner’s which other people are likely to get super grossed out by. In the beginning of a relationship, you sneakily get up before your partner, brush your teeth and go back to bed, so that when they wake up, you have miraculously minty breath when they kiss you. After a while, you realise that it is just too much effort, and they kind of dig it too.

8. Sharing A Tooth Brush

A totally accurate Google search will reveal that you exchange about a gazillion germs when you kiss, which hasn’t discouraged people from making out vigorously with people on a daily basis. However, couples who have been together with each other for a really, really long time tend to do things that are even more gross, like sharing each other’s toothbrushes. I mean, in hindsight, I guess that’s okay because there are much grosser things you could do with each other, but sharing the toothbrush is definitely a couple’s thing that normal people would find super, super weird.

9. Picking Each Other’s Teeth

Okay getting food, lipstick, other weird things stuck in between and on your teeth is an everyday thing, which is why contraptions like toothpicks and floss exist. However, long term couples are in a league of their own, and they don’t need all these sanitary products, because they have each other. Picking things out of each other’s teeth is a pretty common thing, and doing so with their bare hands is even more normal for them (probably because it saves time). It is nonetheless an action that stems from love, because you wouldn’t your partner to embarrass themselves in public, even though you are totally okay with stuff on their teeth.

10. Body Hair Is A Conversation

In the initial dating phase, body hair is a real issue. You don’t want hair on your legs, arms or face, you don’t want your beard to be too matted or too much hair on your chest, etc. etc. However, since you get comfortable in each other’s presence, you start giving less of a fudge about it, and it becomes an interesting topic of conversation. Whether it is hair in your underarms or hair down under, your bae has seen it all, and loves it all, without judgement.

11. Getting Sick In Front Of Each Other

Okay, this is a pretty gross one, but it definitely made the list, considering every couple in a long term relationship has seen their partner’s get sick. A normal cute sickness, like fever, is okay, but when it comes to the liquid sicknesses like barfing and diarrhea, it gets pretty challenging. I feel situations like these truly test your love, and if you have seen and survived one of these then you are truly meant to be. For couples who have been together for real long, helping the other person through a sickness, despite the rancid smells that are pretty inevitable, it is totally normal.

12. The Nickname Game

Even though there is nothing particularly gross and unhygienic about giving each other nicknames, it is still something couples do exclusively. In fact, the more time they spend with each other, the more senseless, meaningless and random these nicknames get. These are names and sounds normal people cannot even begin to comprehend, and must not try to, even if they witnessed it firsthand.

No matter how much single people make fun of these typically couple things, there is no denying that they are jealous of the fact that couples have their very own people to be gross with, and not get judged because of it. The best thing about this intensely gross list is that couples who stick with each other develop a bond that is so unique to them, that to other people, it all feels like idiosyncrasies. The moral of the story is, gross couples love each other completely, without inhibition and judgement. Never change, gross couples.

Teen Involved In ‘Tesco Sex Tape’ With Married Colleague Finally Speaks Out

A teenage Tesco employee who got caught having sex with a colleague, described the ‘moment of madness’ which turned her life upside down.

19-year-old Caitlyn Kirby, said she felt like running off to Brazil after footage emerged of her and 35-year-old Neville Fox, earlier this week.

Her family have labelled her the ‘Kim Kardashian of Norwich’ and Kirby revealed she’d been flirting with Fox for weeks.

She’s since spoken out about the leak.

She told The Sun:

It was a spur of the moment thing, a moment of total madness. I’ve paid a high price for a silly mistake. I suppose I managed to be the idiot that gets caught doing it.

We’d been flirting at work for a few weeks but it was nothing serious. I’d just finished but he was still working when one thing led to another at about seven in the evening. It just seemed to happen out of nowhere.

He made the first move, I went along with it and it spiralled out of control. The whole world has seen what happened next. He’s quite a bit older than me so maybe he should have known better but so should I.

The person I feel really awful for is Neville’s partner. She must be mortified about it all. Neville had said they’d separated.

The raunchy pair were spotted by a group of guys outside who then shared the video on WhatsApp.

Kirby added:

There was a rumour going around at work. At first I didn’t know if it was true until the end of my shift when they showed it to me. I was absolutely mortified.

By Tuesday morning the video had gone viral and there was nothing I could do about it.

I handed in my notice. Can you imagine having to go in and face everyone after something like that? It’s been a really mad week. I think I might move to Brazil to get away from it all?

I had to delete all of my social media because of the comments. It went completely out of control. I had 304 friend requests on Facebook after it came out — mainly from teenage boys.

Caitlyn has apologised to Tesco, where she’s worked since leaving school at 16.

The German Version Of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Is Ridiculously X-Rated

As usual, the UK comes out as the biggest prude in the EU (we’re still part of it!), as Germany’s version of I’m A Celeb airs some extremely x-rated scenes.

Yes we did have Myleene Klass’s rating-booster of an outdoor shower, but that looks like a chlidren’s programme compared to Germany’s Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!.

Their celebrity TV show in the jungle was launched the same year as the UK version but with fewer clothes are tougher challenges.

This year, the German show stars Playboy model Sarah Joelle Jahnel, actress Nicole Mieth and TV personality Gina-Lisa Lohfink, the Daily Mail reports.

The reality stars take it a step further than a classic bikini and strip topless and flash their genitals while washing under a waterfall.

One contestant almost lost her bikini bottoms, bearing all on camera.

The closest the Australian series has got to such raunchy behaviour is Kris Smith riding an inflatable pink flamingo topless on Tuesday night.

Man Finds Letter From Deceased Dad On 30-Year-Old Apple Computer

A man had a blast from the past last weekend when he opened up his decades-old Apple computer.

Fordham University law professor John Pfaff found the Apple IIe computer in his parents’ attic on Sunday (February 17), and couldn’t resist taking it home to see if it works.

The third model of the Apple II series was released in 1983, with Pfaff believing his computer is at least 30 years old.
Although the professor didn’t think the computer would even turn on, he gave it a go anyway and was shocked it worked.

He excitedly shared the news on Twitter writing:

Oh. My. God. An Apple IIe. Sat in my parents’ attic for years. Decades. And it works.

Put in an old game disk. Asks if I want to restore a saved game. And finds one!

It must be 30 years old. I’m 10 years old again.

The original tweet went viral, and has received over 167,000 likes at time of writing (February 19).

Pfaff later shared images from the saved game of Adventureland but admitted ‘three decades later I can’t quite remember where I left off’.

He then tested several other old floppy disk games to see which ones would work, including Millionware, Olympic Decathlon, and Neuromancer.

Surprisingly they worked, taking Pfaff back to his childhood.

The best was yet to come though as Pfaff found a letter his dad typed to him in 1986 saved on the computer.

The discovery was particularly special for Pfaff since it has been a year since his father passed away.

Sharing a picture of the letter on the screen, the professor tweeted:

Just found this letter my dad typed to me in 1986, when I was 11 and at summer camp.

I REALLY WONDER what my theory about the daily newspaper comics Spider-Man was.

My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago. It’s amazing to come across something so ‘ordinary’ from him.

The letter saw Pfaff’s dad promise to keep the daily cartoons from the newspaper so the comics fan could read them when he returned home from camp.

As Pfaff mentioned in his tweet, at the time he had a theory about Spider-Man with his dad wanting to know if it’s true.

The letter concluded:

Hope that you are enjoying camp. The camp councillors that we talked with we liked.

Looks like you have a busy schedule, but also one which should be fun.

We are really looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

How sweet!

Now Pfaff needs to take it to an Apple Store and see just how smart these Apple Genius’ really are!

Woman Who Had ‘Rhino Horn’ Growing Out Of Head Turns To Dr Pimple Popper

Dr Pimple Popper has seen some things – but one woman’s ‘rhino horn’ set a new challenge for the spot-squeezing expert.

A 43-year-old Connecticut mum-of-one, Lisa, has lived with a cutaneous growth – which she likens to a rhinoceros horn growing out of the back of her head – for over a year.

With her impending nuptials to her fiancee of five years put on hold until Lisa can have the horn removed, she paid Dr Lee a visit to explain the emotional and physical hardship.

A teary-eyed Lisa adds:

It grows every day. It’s painful at times. It has a ring that it grows out of that is very tender. It’s a horn, basically. Like a rhinoceros – it’s a hard horn.

I don’t want anybody to see it, so I wear my hair up and pretty much tuck it under. The growth makes me feel gross. Who has a horn growing out of their head?

You can watch the encounter and eventual removal process below:

The mum had feared the horn might be cancerous, but Dr Lee was quick to reassure her the growth was, in fact, a cutaneous horn – a hard conical projection from the skin, made of compact white blood cells.

Although the growth wasn’t as sinister as Lisa expected, its size alarmed the doctor, who said:

It looks like a finger nail has gone crazy. I’ve seen cutaneous horns before, but certainly this is the largest that I have ever seen.

Luckily, the good doctor Lee was able to remove the horn through a non-surgical procedure which pretty much involved numbing the surrounding area of Lisa’s scalp and yanking the growth from her person.

In her own words, Dr Lee confessed to Lisa the job could have been done with ‘one big swift knock from your dog’.

There’s a happy ending for Lisa, though, who said:

I don’t know why I waited so long. I’ve missed out on so much for the past year for something that just took thirty minutes.

It felt great to turn around and not see anything there. I’m excited to move on and wear my hair down and get married.
Good luck for the big day to Lisa and her family!

Guy Kisses Woman’s Boob On TV After She Said ‘No’ Twice

A woman who was portraying Kim Kardashian in a French gameshow sketch had her breast kissed on live television – despite saying no.

Not only did the television presenter ignore her, but actively carried on with the act against her will.

The shocking incident happened on the popular French television show TPMP (Touche pas à mon poste!), as part of project 35heuresdebaba (’35 hours of Baba’), where the presenter Cyril Hanouna, tried to break a national record by appearing on air for 35 hours straight.

Ironically, the first part of the television show ‘touche pas’ translates to ‘do not touch’.

The woman, dancer Soraya Riffi, was playing Kim Kardashian, in a parody of the Paris robbery, and the game show host Jean-Michel Maire, was playing the locksmith, reports French publication L’Express.

When she was ‘freed’, Maire suggested a 21-year-old Soraya should kiss him as a form of compensation and a way to say thank you.

She refused outright, but the two men ignored her. Soraya continued to refuse, explicitly, and said ‘no’. The men responded to this by saying, ‘she said yes, she said yes’, before she added a defiant, ‘I said no’.

Following her adamant response about how she did not want to kiss anyone, the two male presenters told Soraya to give them a reason why.

According to the Independent, when she answered ‘people were watching’, the presenters didn’t care, and had a response ready, which they probably presumed was funny:

Well, we can do it backstage!

Both men were laughing while Soraya just stood there smiling, looking uncomfortable. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, and the fact no should always mean no, they continued to ask her for a kiss on the cheek.

Maire, after deciding to ignore Soraya’s ‘no’, thought he’d kiss her cheek regardless. However, when she turned her head away to avoid his advances, he ducked down and kissed her breast instead.

Following the incident, a number of complaints were made to the CSA – the government body which regulates French TV and radio – and they launched an investigation.

A spokesperson for the television network C8, which aired the programme, said Maire was asked to apologise to her immediately after the incident, which Soraya says he did.

In an interview after the incident Soraya said [translated]:

I did not find the gesture of Jean-Michel Maire very professional. I knew my family was watching me. I did not know how to react, it shows on the video.

Yes, I reflect a certain image, I know it, but I have a personality. I am intelligent. I am a human being, not just an object!

Soraya continued:

I want to remind you that I also played Kim Kardashian . It happens to me to dress like that, yes, but it’s not because I have a cleavage that it means that it must be kissed without my agreement.
People need to understand no means no. Always.

Deleted Scene From ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’ Changing How People See It BY : EMILY BROWN

Netflix’s Abducted In Plain Sight has left viewers feeling confused, disgusted and shocked towards the events and many of the people involved, but a deleted scene is changing people’s opinions about it.

The true crime documentary follows the story of Jan Broberg, who was abducted not once, but twice by a trusted family friend named Robert “B” Berchtold.

Without giving too much away, there are many baffling moments throughout the programme, including an unbelievable therapist’s recommendation, a confusing sexual encounter between two fathers, and the fact Jan’s parents waited days to contact the police after their daughter first went missing.

The second time the young girl disappeared, Jan’s parents Bob and Mary Ann appeared to do very little to get her back, despite being in fairly regular contact with her over the phone.

However, Abducted In Plain Sight director Skye Borgman revealed there were some details left out of the story to allow it to be told in 90 minutes, and one particular moment proves the family actually went to some lengths to take down the man who had torn their lives apart.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Borgman explained how at one point Mary Ann and her brother took a gun and met up with Berchtold in a car park. Though they obviously didn’t kill Jan’s kidnapper, who committed suicide in 2005, it shows how they didn’t stand idly by as the documentary sometimes suggests.

The director explained how ideally she’d like to make a follow up to the documentary, ‘to explore the different topics that we didn’t have time to really dive deep into, like the role that faith plays… in sheltering communities.’

She added:

Also grooming and brainwashing—there are really interesting, intricate things that happen, and we touch on both of those topics in the documentary, but I’d love to explore those more. I guess in a perfect world, it’d be sort of a trilogy of films.

Many people on social media have criticised Jan’s parents for the way they handled the entire situation, but in an interview with Vulture, Borgman explained how they had convinced themselves their daughter hadn’t been sexually abused by her kidnapper.

She said:

They convinced themselves of that, even though so many people [and] the FBI said that this is something that happened.

I think it really has to do with the fact that they placed so much faith in experts, in doctors who said, “There has been no sexual abuse because her hymen hasn’t been broken.”

While Borgman’s depiction of the story allows viewers to form opinions, we will never really be able to comprehend what Jan and her family experienced with Berchtold.

The director and the family simply hope Abducted In Plain Sight will make audiences ‘aware of how people can enter our lives, and we need to protect our children a little bit more’.

Kids Wrestling Tournament Turns Into Mass Brawl With Parents

A youth wrestling tournament in Wisconsin, USA, turned into violence when a brawl broke out among adults.

Footage of the incident, which happened in the village of Kimberly, shows a male and female arguing, before the pair get heated and they have to be separated by the others in attendance.

At one point, as the same man is carried away, the woman he’d been arguing with goes to chase after him before she’s tackled by another woman.

According to a statement by Fox Valley Metro Police Department:

On Sunday, 02/03/2019 at approximately 2:30pm, officers with the Fox Valley Metro Police Department were dispatched to Kimberly High School, 1662 E. Kennedy Avenue in the Village of Kimberly for a past tense disturbance complaint.

After conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that some parents who attended an athletic event were involved in a verbal and physical altercation.

The statement continues, because of the incident, three women were issued with municipal citations for their involvement.

Cassandra Hamill, 33 of Green Bay, Shannon Volkman, 39 of Shiocton, and Nicole Volkman, 33 also of Shiocton, were all cited for disorderly conduct. Shannon and Nicole Volkman were also cited for battery.

The fight is said to have started when parents and family members of opposing wrestlers started verbally abusing each other, which led to a brawl before the match was even over, according to a police report posted by the Appleton Post Crescent.

According to the New York Post, another youth wrestler in the stands was forced to get out of the way, while the referee was watching on from the mat.

Witnesses are said to have told cops the Volkmans cursed at the other side during the event, calling Ms Hamill a ‘fat bitch’, and her son a ‘fucking crybaby’.

According to the New York Post, the three people cited for the brawl had a history of altercations at youth wrestling tournaments, the report said.

It also adds how Ms Hamill and both Volkmans were escorted out by security. Police are said to have arrived at the scene about an hour after the incident occurred.

The tournament in which this incident occurred during is organised through a local youth wrestling club, and has no affiliation with the Kimberly Area School District.

20 Unpleasant Pictures that’ll Discomfort your Inner Peace

You might think that only people have the capability of hurting your feelings but that’s not the case. Sometimes pictures are the one that leads to the deepest of pains and are considered to be the most lethal of all.

Thinking this is a rather funny way of describing things? Well, it can’t be helped as I have already gone through the pictures in the compilation below and they have hurt my heart. I know they will hurt your heart too.