15 Surprising Photos Selena Gomez Doesn’t That Will Make You Say Ouuch

We’ve all been caught smack dab in the middle of an embarrassing moment, but for celebrities, these awkward photos are then plastered all over the web for the rest of us to gawk and sometimes laugh at. It’s not fair that celebrities are forced to live their lives underneath a microscope, and if the rest of us were followed around 24/7 with cameras shoved in our faces, we’re pretty sure we would be caught in some pretty unflattering angles at some point in time, too.

Selena Gomez is one celebrity who is literally hounded by the press. At one point, the pressures of the industry became too much for her, and she was forced to take a break and remove herself from the public eye. Growing up as a child actress and transforming herself into an internationally-known superstar means there are more than a few photos of Selena that have been captured throughout the years. Many of them show the world just how beautiful she really is, while others photos definitely make us cringe.

Keep reading to see 15 photos Selena definitely doesn’t want the world to see.
A Little Hairy

We all skip out on shaving from time to time, but at our hairy armpits aren’t making headlines, right? For Selena, her underarms, in all their hairy glory, were plastered all over gossip websites as soon as this photo was taken. The singer and actress was promoting her movie Spring Breakers, and when she stopped to take a photograph with her fan, she exposed a bit of stubble in her armpits.

Perhaps she was too busy traveling and promoting the movie to tend to her normal grooming habits. I’m definitely not going to fault her for slacking on the upkeep because we’re all mammals, and mammals are supposed to have hair, so what’s the big deal?! In this photo, Selena’s proving that she’s just like the rest of us, and even with her unshaved pits, she’s still technically flawless. On top of that, she’s very sweet to her fans. You just can’t beat that.

Horrible Outfit

We’ve all worn outfits that we later regretted. But thankfully, we’re able to burn those photos, delete them from our Facebook photo albums, and pretend they never even existed. But for celebrities, all of their unflattering outfits are saved online for eternity.

This particular outfit has us really scratching our heads. Selena’s normally such a fashionista, so I’m finding it pretty unbelievable that she actually thought this outfit was a good look. There was a point in time when wide belts were all the rage in the fashion community, and girls were wearing the accessory above their natural waist. I’m not going to rag on Selena’s belt, but it’s the shirt that she paired with it that’s confusing. These belts looked much better when worn with a cute dress, not a T-shirt! And don’t get me started on her tights. I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t even see them.

Illustrations About Love That Will Explore Your Feeling$

Sex, we can all admit is fun, pleasant and utmost beautiful, especially when you are sharing this moment of intimacy with the love of your life. However, it’s quite normal to feel a need to explore this amazing feeling with other individuals especially if you have been tasting, feeling and smelling the body of the same person for some time. However, something innate keeps us from being carried away by this strange desire.

Prejudices, yes. Being minimalist and compress these feelings into only the simple and most essential ones. This way, we stay away from social taboos and embrace the simple cycle of life, such as eat, work and sex but deep down we want to let ourselves loose and have a little fun.

This is exactly what the illustrations of Love Me Paris, an Instagram art account talk about. Managing to create simple lines that depict life and feminine bodies; everything that we yearn for and feel beneath our regular skin. All that we do not dare say or do because of life prejudices, life’s complications and lack of confidence. These put a rather absurd brake on our borders and need to let ourselves free.

These Then And Now Photos Will Show You How The World Changes

We are a group of people who love re-photographies (“before and after”, “then and now”) because of their potential to tell fascinating stories with just two pictures. There wasn’t really a central hub for this kind of art so we got to work and built re.photos. It’s a website that enables people to browse hundreds of pictures or upload and align their own.

Today we would like to share our excitement with you and show you some of the best pictures (in our opinion) our users contributed. Hopefully, these comparisons are as exciting for you as they are for us!

#1 Rysstad, Norway, 1888 – 2013

#2 Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway, 1887 – 2014

Simple And Natural Way To Feel Like Virgin Again

10 Natural And Effective Ways To Regain Your Virginity
In today’s world, not too many men mind a girl being non-virgin. But yes, there are plenty of men who still root for this. That is why some girls fear about being non-virgin before marriage. You will be shocked to know that virginity can be restored again. There are some natural and simple ways to regain your virginity. They will also help you in tightening your private parts for better intimacy. However, these methods are not scientifically proven but are really effective. Trust these natural methods and regain your virginity again!
1. Exercise for pelvic floor muscles

To regain your virginity, you need to contract your pelvic muscles by doing some exercise. And what’s the better exercise for pelvic floor muscles than an orgasm? Orgasms contract your pelvic floor muscles. So, if you want to tone up your pelvic floor muscles, have a go on it. The more orgasm you have, the stronger your pelvic floor muscles will be.

2. Use Ben-Wa Balls

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are sometimes not effective to tighten up your private parts. You need to insert Ben-Wa Balls which are also known as Geisha Balls. They prove to be very helpful for tightening your parts and restoring the elasticity of it. the following pictures show the method of using it.

3. Intimate Secrets of Eve

Eve Intimate Secrets helps you regain a tight vagina which is more pleasurable for you and your man during the deed. This magic stick is more visually pleasing, and it can make you feel more youthful and therefore more confident. Your lady parts will become super tight after using it for one week.

4. Exercise and Sweat

Along with Pelvic floor exercise, go for other exercises like Pilates and Yoga. These exercises incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening your core muscles with together will help your pelvic floor muscles tighter for longer.

5. Go for a healthy diet

To keep your pelvic floor muscles, exercise is just not enough. You also need to feed the muscles correctly daily to ensure its correct growth and repair. So, it is important that you get a healthy diet full of whole grains organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein, and organic fruits and vegetables.

9 Everyday Things You Have Been Using The Wrong Way

When it comes to the everyday objects that we use around our houses, our offices, and at school, we think we’ve got them down pat. That is to say that using certain things — a spoon, an eraser, a soda tab — feels pretty straightforward, like there’s nothing left to learn other than what you already know.

However, after reading this post, you will realize that is completely wrong. Many random objects we use every day have alternate purposes, and you just might not be realizing how useful they can actually be. Check out the pictures below to learn how a wooden spoon can prevent a mess of boiling water, how soda tabs can organize your closet, and even how you can seamlessly make your sunny side up eggs in a perfect circle without much though. Needless to say, after you read this, your life will do nothing but improve.

#1. Erasers don’t just have two sides for the heck of it.

When you see an eraser with two colors, remember the blue part isn’t for your pencil: It’s for erasing ink instead. However, this only works when the ink you’re using is erasable — otherwise, you’ll just have a hole in your paper.

#2. Don’t let your straw pop up out of your can.

The large hole on the can cap is for your straw to enter, to keep it in place in your carbonated beverage of choice.

8 Cheaters Who Got Caught And Received Instant Karma

Karma is a bitch. Time and again karma has proven itself to be as painful as a band-aid ripped off without warning. Ouch! Here we narrate a fascinating tale of eight cheaters being caught and punished in the most delicious ways possible. No one even feels sorry for what happened to these people because well, no sympathies for cheaters!

Spoiler alert! #6 is the truly scrumptious one, but proceed according to the list please. That way maybe you will enjoy it more!

8. Calling All Target Shoppers

I mean, who really knows how long it has been there? Maybe it belonged to one of his ex-es that the guy happened to date before this lady came along? He did have a life before her, I should like to think. Anyhow no matter what the truth of the matter is, the guy did get some serious shaming.

7. Just Lift Up The Lid

This guy is a true evil genius. He has a dis taste or hatred for women I guess. I mean, he got to have sex and then he got to play the “good” guy? Bro, admit it, you are evil. The girl got a pretty got karma-tic lesson and will probably never even think about cheating again. Good for her.

6. A Different Kind Of Scarlet Letter

She seems really happy to finally be rid of the guy. Maybe he had been cheating on her way before the Kelsi episode and just got caught clean this time. Anyway, guys, let this be a lesson to you guys; there’s only so much that a woman will take and her limit is usually not set very high so she won’t think twice when she thinks that she has been through enough.

5. A Woman Outs Herself And The Cheater

How dumb can someone be? In a gust of honesty, this woman essentially destroyed her own and maybe even her family’s reputation. If the husband wants you to go public with your cheating scandal, maybe you were in the right state of mind when you decided that you no longer wanted to be with him. The guy got tracked because of the provided details as the post was public.

4. Airing Out The Evidence

Nope, no one deserves to be punished like this. He doesn’t know what really happened. He should have talked to his wife first and if she had in fact cheated and he considered things to be over, than it should have been done with dignity and respect in honor of the time and intimacy that the guys shared. This is pathetic.

3. A Bucket Of Poop

I wonder how she/he collected that much poop? Maybe it’s not poop, maybe it’s just mud. This explanation saves me from being disgusted all day long.

2. Neighborhood Watch Done Right

Now this one, I can appreciate the creativity and thought that went into this letter. Letting people know that he is a wife stealer is a good revenge for the guy because he is lacking on other departments so this is the only way he can relieve some of the pain.

1. Don’t Piss Off The Tattoo Artist

Again, don’t mess with artists. They will find such artistic ways to get back at you that you will be left a pile of burning ashes. They will make their revenge a piece of art, like this tattoo artist who tattooed a pile of poop instead of the Narnia scene on his cheating girlfriend.

Think this list was crazy? Share it with your family and friends.

Doctors in Delivery Room Witness 23-Year-Old Mom’s Historic Birth

Alexandra Kinova, 23, and Antonin Kroscen are partners and they were planning on expanding their family. They were enthused by the idea.

Alexandra conceived twins and they had a son before as well.

Both Alexandra and Antonin had the twins gene in their family and when they learned that they are going to carry on the tradition they were quite happy.

However after some months the doctor informed them that they were going to have four, not two babies. It makes sense, two from the mother’s side and two from father’s side (chuckles).

The cherry on top was that after some more time they disovered a fifth baby! It was like a baby-producing factory.

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” said Kinova, whose chances of conceiving them naturally were one in seven million.

These Village Girls In China Can Beat Even The Victoria’s Secret Models

What comes to your mind as you envision a ‘village girl’? Everyone may have a different imagination which is dependent upon the place or country from where you hail; we’d all have an assortment of a cluster of imaginations and our horizon being far too wide as well. However whatsoever it is , if there’s one thing that can be stated, and it is that the following pictures of village girls from China are beyond your imagination. However, if you start expecting out of the blue, it would mean that it is just what you anticipated. Anyhow, rather than getting into this inconsistency for no apparent explanation, Scroll down and watch for yourself what we have for you!

Her hotness can turn the water behind her to steam!

China definitely is a land of beautiful women.

14 People Sharing Their Most Mortifying One-Night Stands

Youngsters are in the habit of just picking out a random partner from some pub or club and spending the night with them. this is a very dangerous habit because you know nothing about the person. They could be thieves, freaks, psychos and even murderers. Plus they could have STDs and you might catch them.

Secondly, you get into trouble for this kind of thing with your parents and other family members. Especially if you are committed now and find it hard to resist because you have developed this habit before.

Some of you might enjoy it always but ask yourselves the risk that you are taking to get momentary pleasure. Why not try and find something more meaningful and log lasting? Let’s hear these stories from people that will make us realize just how bad these one night stands can be.

1. My brain can’t stop imagining her sneaking out of the apartment. Girls do that?

2. Yikes, I’d never wanna be on that uber ride. Imagine the small talk they would have had if the girl wasn’t his daughter.